AI T-Shirt

Mobile phones are the most powerful, compact devices we've ever created. So why we hide them in pockets?

This AI T-shirt can turn your mobile devices into a third eye helping you through your day

A T-shirt with special pockets that let's your smart phone’s camera peek through so you can utilize your mobile’s AI powers, which we believe is the next innovation in fashion.

Our goal

We want to create a free open source app that utilizes mobile AI to help the visually impaired to better navigate everyday life.

Why in a T-shirt?

Because, it's simple and affordable and with your help could be available to everyone in need around the world.

The more T-shirts we have on the streets, the more data we have to make the app reliable. Besides, it's fun to discover creative uses for mobile AI in everyday life.

Take a deep breath! And let’s think about it together

1. It’s inevitable. Fashion + technology = connivance.

2. Mobile AI can be useful for the visually impaired, and because this solution is as affordable as any other T-shirt, it’s a feasible solution for everyone.

3. Does it make sense to hide your smart phone in your pocket? Such a powerful device deserves better treatment than that.

4. Remember “BendGate”? Having a pocket that can easily hold your device is a big advantage.

5. Remember the “Sixth Sense” TED talk? Isn’t it about time for that idea to be used? Now it will be, without a big extra cost!

6. Let’s start out simple, and then once we have enough data and users, we can add some Terminator-like gadgets to it!

7. This looks like just a normal T-shirt, so it won’t be too geeky.

8. It's perfect for live broadcasting or filming for long periods of time.

9. It fits all kinds of mobile phones.

The Idea was inspired by my friend Adam. In a city like New York where everyone is five minutes late, Adam was never late! Though, he’s visually impaired. Going out with him couple of times made us realize the need for such an app.

Here is an ad that can show how much difference such an app can make:

Still not convinced?

Here are some other usage ideas:

1. Snap photos easily or automate it to get the best spontaneous photos.

2. Create a reminder to buy something you see.

3. Search for anything that is in the camera’s view.

4. Find your way around the city.

5. Broadcast your life or record and share your videos.

6. Location-based triggers and reminders.

7. Stay safe! Activate 911 effortlessly.

8. Use it with all the other AR apps.

9. Crowd-sourced weather updates.

10. Learn more about anything in the camera’s field.

11. Catch some Pokémon.

12. Use it in creative gaming apps.

13. Let it help you with cooking and shopping.

14. Let it help you with drawing.

15. Let it motivate you while you work out.

16. Let it keep track of your diet.

17. Let it save you from accidents.

18. Let it take you on virtual tours around the city.

What do you think?

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