First Holographic AI Assistant!

Our goal is to give AI a facelift by breathing life into fun and smart characters like Alfred.

It's 2021 and we all deserve a holographic AI assistant!

Flying cars, robots butlers and holograms. These are some of the things we've been promised to have by now, yet all that we have is TikTok!

We couldn't afford to experiment with flying cars, so we decided to play around with the holographic assistant idea. What started as a fun experiment, today has an A-class team working on building affordable solutions, utilizing this idea for education, mental health and, of course, building the best holographic AI assistant.

The platform allows you to pick one of our awesome Sidekicks and customize it, or create your own from scratch. These characters live inside our specially-designed holographic displays, so you can interact with them naturally. Sidekicks are proactive, have unique and fun personalities, and sometimes, an attitude!

What makes our AI platform special: full privacy, personalization, high emotional intelligence and a marketplace to exchange your creations.

Sidekicks.AI is gearing up for a Kickstarter launch. Join our mailing list now so you don't miss the early bird offers and help us build the future we want.

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