Perfect Day Lab

In the age of Information overload, how can we fill our days with the right tasks and turn them into habits?

What makes a perfect day?

The self-improvement industry is dedicated to teaching you how to live a better life. If you try to listen to every piece of advice, you will likely end up flustered and confused.

We, however, have gone to the trouble of poring through hundreds of philosophy and self-improvement books, and in an attempt to distill the wisdom in these books into something more manageable, we discovered that there are certain commonalities that many of them share. Now, we are taking those commonalities and turning them into something practical: the Perfect Day Clock.

You start your day with gratitude, focus, meditation, exercise, eating, writing, exploring, planning, creativity, connecting with others, reading, performing an act of kindness, playing, spending time with family and friends and reflecting.

Available as a fancy clock, a stylish wristwatch, or a sleek poster, the Perfect Day Clock is bound to make 2021 the best year of your life yet.

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