Athena Armor

Athena Armor is self-defense jewelry that empowers victims in dangerous situations.

Because self defense is beautiful

We wanted to find a solution to empower victims in dangerous situations — and Athena Armor was born.
Every 98 seconds, a person is sexually assaulted in the U.S.
1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.
Roughly 1 in 3 or 35% of the global female population has experienced some form of sexual violence.
Angry? Concerned? So are we.

*Stats via RAINN/WHO

Athena is a beautiful and versatile piece of jewelry tech that can be worn all day and night — all while blending seamlessly into your everyday routines such as work and school. It's completely fashionable and non-threatening, yet empowering.

The self-defense jewelry comes with a specially-made pepper spray, created in collaboration with SABRE — the No. 1 pepper spray trusted by police and consumers worldwide. This unique formula is stronger, guaranteeing effectiveness with a smaller quantity.

For added safety, the wearer can choose up to five emergency contacts and in the event you use Athena and can't personally call for help, your contacts will be notified of your location and be prompted to call 911. In addition, the wearer can open the app and get real time information on their surroundings, with best route options to get around. Our goal is to utilize data to make your world safer, so you can get back to living your best life.

The project is in early stage prototyping. Get in touch if you can help.

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